3 Great Gotcha Day Gifts

Gotcha Day is the most beloved day among adoptive families as it is typically the day to celebrate a child becoming legally part of one’s family. This court session often has a lot of fanfare and emotion. Some families even celebrate the day yearly, almost like a second birthday. Whether it is a child’s first Gotcha Day or their fifteenth, it is always fun to celebrate his or her life with a small token of affection and appreciation. Here are three great Gotcha Day gifts from the Adoption Gifts Online Store that are sure to express your love for your child and will let him or her know how happy you are that he/she is part of your family.

1. #Gotchaday

Picking out a Gotcha Day outfit can be quite the task, but AdoptionGifts.com has you covered. Not only is there a Gotcha Day onesie, but there is also a matching women’s t-shirt. The shirt and onesie state, “This Is The Best Day Of My Whole Life. #Gotchaday” What could be truer than that statement for both the child and adoptive parents? The t-shirt and onesie would also be fantastic for the Gotcha Day after-court-party if you prefer to do the court outfits a little more formal. These gifts are a great way to tell the world that the special day is today. 

2. Tell Me Again About the Night I Was Born

It is not as easy as one would think to find a book that does justice to a child’s adoption story and the emotion it carries. However, books are so important for children since they can explain adoption in a way that they can understand. Tell Me Again About the Night I Was Born by Jamie Lee Curtis does a fantastic job telling the story of infant adoption. When I read it to my 3-year-old daughter, it is so easy to change the circumstances in the book to fit her story exactly. It would be a great gift to add to a young child’s library to be read on their Gotcha Day each year. Be warned. I do find myself crying from the emotion of the book every time.

3. I Love Adoption Bracelet

This bracelet is one of my favorite gifts available at AdoptionGifts.com as it is incredibly simple, yet versatile. I purchased this for my husband as a gift, about seven months ago, and it is one of his favorite accessories. Not only can this bracelet be worn by men, women, and kids, it is also a conversation starter. My husband has had countless conversations with his co-workers about the importance and joys of adoption when he has worn his bracelet. It would be a great Gotcha Day gift for any adoptive parent, birth parent, or older child.

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